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EB-5 Services List

Specialists Are Required: Since 2001, PenberaParis has been providing the entire array of specialized EB-5 technical and advisory services to newly forming and existing regional centers, projects operated by private and publicly listed companies, and I-526 and I-829 petitioners and their attorneys. We have also worked with banks and investment bankers involved in collateral funding of projects, economists and other practitioners engaged in sophisticated job and economic impact studies, USCIS EB5 program staff, Members of Congress, and others interested in faithfully accomplishing the mission of the EB5 program.  PenberaParis recruits and trains specialists, and monitors every detail of every assignment in order to provide premier client service.

PenberaParis provides the five specialized services needed to be a successful EB5 project or regional Investment Center

  1. USCIS Approval of An EB5 Project Exemplar or Regional Center Application. PenberaParis prepares and coordinates all components of a complete Project Exemplar or Application for Regional Center designation including, but not limited to, the Economic Impact study, comprehensive Business Plan,  IMPLAN Job Creation study, Offering Documents, and Finder’s Agreements, among others. We have worked exclusively in targeted employment areas (TEAs) so that projects qualify for the more attractive lower investment threshold. NOTE: Given the expense and amount of time now needed to obtain approval of a regional investment center, rather than incurring the this cost, we encourage a prospective project to contract with a successful regional center which is in good standing and has a current I-924A status report on file to attain the preferred Exemplar approval status.    
  2. A New Commercial Enterprise’s Business Plan. PenberaParis either directly writes through our staff associates, or contracts with specialized firms, for the preparation of an enterprise’s  “comprehensive business plan” as defined in the USCIS adjudicated precedent case Matter of Ho.  We prefer to work with projects that are “shovel ready”, and, thus, can qualify for Exemplar status.
  3. Job Creation Study. PenberaParis either directly writes through our staff associates, or contracts with specialized firms, for the preparation of the  IMPLAN job creation study which demonstrates the creation of the ten (10) full-time jobs (direct, indirect/induced) per investor for qualifying U.S. workers within two years (or, under certain circumstances, within a reasonable time after the two-year period) of the immigrant investor’s conditional admission into the U.S.  We use the latest software and maintain data purchase accounts with MIG, Inc and BEA. Our studies describe the  methodology and protocols and data applied, and provide many charts and tables relating to both employment (multipliers, number of jobs, personal and household income, etc.) and also regional benefits .
  4. Offering Documents. PenberaParis drafts the Offering documents (Private Placement Memorandum, Subscription Agreement, Limited Partnership Agreement, Escrow Agreement, Promissory Note, etc.), significantly reducing typical external legal costs.  By law, the foreign investor’s investment must be at risk, i.e., no guarantee of return of principal may be offered, and 100% of the principal amount of EB-5 investors must go to the commercial enterprise.   We work with escrow banks, and can recommend sources of bridge financing.  
  5. EB5 Center and Project Management.  We are experienced in USCIS requirements, including investor document and tracking systems, employment documentation, and compliance and  reporting protocols. Our staff works closely with AILA attorneys, finders/brokers, petitioners and others to strive to meet the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.