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Litigation Services

Forensic Economics and Litigation Services

PenberaParis approaches each case as if it involves a unique set of circumstances requiring personal attention and a creative and common sense view of the facts.  We keep your needs constantly in mind. 

  • Efficient consultations are held around your schedule. Every call and email is answered in a timely manner and, typically, by Dr. Penbera. A Certified Legal Assistant  assists your staff to assist in information and document gathering. We can provide mobile notary, accounting, investigative, teleconferencing, and other services.
  • The Scope of the work is formatted around the certain types of analysis and work products that are necessary without sacrificing quality or completeness.  We believe that it is possible to control costs.   Our hourly fees are very competitive. 
  • Computer-assisted data analysis, tables, and charts are developed through the application of the latest software and most recent data.
  • Opinions are offered in a confidential and truly collaborative exchange. We keep you continually apprised of findings. We follow the ethical practice standards of the NAFE. We carefully evaluate the assumptions, reports and testimony of opposing experts.
  • Professional presentation materials and reports are provided as requested. These materials can range from a simple opinion letter, to detailed studies or a complete narrative report with calculations of past and future losses at present value.

Expert deposition and trial testimony is provided as required.  Dr. Penbera’s direct and educative presentation style is aimed at making often complex matters understandable to a lay person.  The testimony is accurate and well documented. His opinions have been accepted in local, state, national, and international jurisdictions.