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About Us

Our experience encompasses more than 300 cases and consultancies.  

  • Forensic Economics and Litigation Services. We have assisted many law firms and their clients by providing understandable and compelling economic loss analyses, reports, and testimony that is accepted by U.S. courts, and also in arbitrations and mediations.  We publish tables and studies, relevant to loss valuations, such as Growth Rates, Discount Rates, Household Service Valuation, and Wage Rate Trends.  We abide by the Ethical Principles of the NAFE.  We work with law firms throughout California, including in the San Francisco Bay, Central California, and Los Angeles area.  References and a list of prior cases are available upon request.


  • EB5 Project, Center, Investment and Documentation Services. We are a also a full-service EB5 Assistance firm providing comprehensive business plans, IMPLAN and RIMS II job creation studies, and all of the various offering documents and materials needed for U.S. Department of Homeland Security/USCIS Regional Investment Center designation or project Exemplar approval.  We are also the principal manager for the California Energy Investment Center and the Greater Houston Investment Center, and have provided professional services to other successful centers including the California Consortium for Agricultural Export.  

We have assisted many public organizations, including The White House Consortium of Cabinet agencies, the Federal Executives Institute, U.S. Departments of Labor, Commerce, and Education, the California State Labor Commissioner, and various County and city governments, including Fresno, San Diego, San Luis Obispo.  We have assisted many private international, national, and regional entities, including Amtrak, Commercial Realty Associates, Community Hospitals, Deloitte and Touche, Federated/Macy’s, Nationwide, NBC, Producer’s, Rug Doctor, and Ruiz Foods, Spencer Enterprises, Strickland AG, Vendo International.

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