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Business Plan Services


Preparation of Comprehensive Business Plan

Our firm provides the complete set of Eb5 services to companies and projects seeking EB5 funding.  PenberaParis has lead in the creation of several Eb5 Investment Centers approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/USCIS,  including two of the  most successful ones—the California Energy Investment Center (CEIC) and the California Consortium for Agricultural Export (CCAE).   


Our work products have accounted for well over $3 billion in capital investment, hundreds of approved I526 and I829 positions, and the creation of thousands of jobs.  The quality of our work has been cited in Eb5 Stakeholder meetings as the “gold standard”, and our expertise has been cited in the Kiplinger Letter, and utilized by a variety of agencies, including  The White House Cabinet Consortium of agencies.    


Our services include:

  • Regional Investment Center Applications and Supporting Regional Benefits Studies
  • Project Exemplar Applications
  • Business Plans in accordance with the USCIS precedent case Matter of Ho
  • IMPLAN and RIMS II Job Creation Studies
  • Offering Documents (Private Placement Memorandum, Subscription Agreement, Limited Partnership Agreement, Promissory Notes, etc.)
  • OFAC, Financial Controls, Escrow Agreements with Major Banks
  • Investment Banker, Eb5 Loans, Direct Investment, Private Equity Advisement
  • Investor Recruitment Assistance, including Finders and Broker Agreements
  • Assistance to Immigration Attorneys and Petitioners
  • USCIS Protocols, Compliance, and Reporting, and Relationships


In the initial consultations with Dr. Penbera, the aim is to educate and inform you, and to develop a confidential, collaborative and truly honest assessment of how ready you are to engage in the EB5 financing process.  There is no initial cost and no selling.


If there is a basis for going forward, a Memorandum of Understanding will provide you with a straightforward description of the scope of services, and the specific work products, their cost, and their delivery timelines.  Depending on project needs, we can also coordinate discussions with other experienced persons, like former administrators of the Eb5 Program.

PenberaParis recommends EB5 Investor Magazine (www.eb5investors.com) for tracking developments within the EB5 industry. We and/or our affiliated regional investment centers, often participate as a sponsor of national conferences sponsored by EB5 Investor Magazine.